Senses, Be Stilled; Good Morning

Many years ago, as part of the Latino Nonprofit Leadership Program, I had the opportunity to attend a retreat where our cohort grew together through trial and tribulation. On our final morning, sitting beside the lake, I penned the following. As we enter into the season of lent next week (it officially begins March 2, 2022 – Ash Wednesday), let us allow ourselves to be moved and transformed by the +Creator’s creation!

Senses, Be Stilled; Good Morning
Rev. Kenneth J. Nelan
June 2013

Upon the blue stillness lies the immensity of
all seen and unseen,
all wished and non-wished,

all glorified and all condemned.

This simple, yet elegant cross will one day join other already installed symbolic art.

Somewhere in the distance, a wind chime softens the deafening silence,
calling for a soliloquy of transcendence.

The sheet torn in the temple has
settled on dirt floors – created and creating still;
pondering its future and its own mortality.

Crushed under the weight of a thousand triumphant proclamations
sits the lonesome cooing which expresses only gratitude and love.

Fire settles on the mountain,
all are beckoned to the wonders pierced
in both eye and soul.

Not, shall they sing of want or need, but instead proclaim
thanks for their treasured captivity.


Collecting dewy fortitude gives
balance again to splendor past
and riches yet to manifest. 

All is well.

Join us next week as we begin our journey of transformation – as our Christ transformed.