Honoring a Restless Spirit; Embracing the Wandering Soul

We are restless spirits until at last one day we return to the +Creator; our hearts, minds, and souls seek the wholeness of the +One from whom we were made manifest. Until recently I thought wandering was a bad thing. In the past 21 years, I have gone from place to place seeking a home from which I could expound the virtues of finding peace and comfort in our +Beloved +Creator. And so I spent great amounts of energy trying to remain fixed in one place. Of course, I failed miserably – or so I initially thought. But with time and prayer comes understanding and patience. You see, for some people wandering is a chance to find not only ourselves but also our +Beloved. It affords us the opportunity to grow strong muscles – physically and spiritually.

Just Wandering…

This empty shell sits alone in silence wondering, “Who Am I,”
but discovers only a once symphonic presence.

“Who Am I?”
balancing moments of deep introspection with complete emptiness.

In the mirror stands the seeker,
ever asking, “Who Am I?” but never responding – just watching
and waiting for that moment of complete surrender and emptiness.

Who Am I does not matter anymore. All that mattes is I Am at this moment and at this very minute, I exist.
I can be nothing more, nor anything less than who and what I am at this very moment.

I am in cast in the shadow of the Divine.
I am as It shall be
and I will find myself.

I Am.

As Modified From: Nelan, Kenneth. “The Shell.” Convergent Streams, 2015.

And now… Now that I have possibly found a home I sincerely hope my soul and prayers will continue to wander the infinite reaches of the universe. I hope my mind will wander into the depths of my +Beloved to find the peace and comfort for which I have so longed in this world. I hope the home I have found will foster in me the ability to reach outside the box so that my dreams may be realized through the service and sacrifice I offer of my own being.

And I will still wander this sacred wandering…