I am a priest, counselor, friend, and husband – I’m doing what I love.

After what seems like an eternity, I am finally returning to what I love the most about writing – finding the wonder as I wander through the sacred that exists in all things.

Fr. Kenneth J Nelan, osf

It’s high time I return to what I love and leave behind that which does not serve the highest good. I leave behind humanity and seek only the face of Creation! These wanderings, then, are a part of me that has left the world behind to find the sacred in all things – to live my calling authentically as the Christ taught. This is my journey and my soul laid bare for the world to see.

About Fr. Kenn

I used to dream about being a simple priest – nothing more – just remaining in almost constant prayer and Serving All the People of God.

With over 30 years of combined service in the Church, I can honestly say I’ve struggled to find the God or the Christ in most of what I have experienced, and yet I am so very thankful for the lessons I have learned. Some of those struggles I may even share.

In terms of who I am, that is best explored through my writings. There are some out there with VERY strong opinions about who I am – most of those have relied upon gossip and ad hominem, and frankly I really do not care what they think. That is between them and their final judgement. What matters more to me is that my heart is free and clear, and that I am grounded in the teachings I espouse. I will, forever, LIVE my calling. What others do – that’s up to them…

So, About Me? Read on and see for yourself!

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Some posts were heavily edited from articles I wrote appearing in an independent catholic zine; in each case I retained all rights to my articles. Others are new meanderings and wanderings. All images were obtained from Unsplash and are used under the appropriate license.