16th Sunday in the Ordinary Life and Ministry – 23rd Psalm and Self-Care

It’s easy to get stuck in the muck… It’s even easier to give up and begin lashing out at the world – blaming everyone for everything happening in my own reality. The truth is, no one else is to blame for anything we experience except ourselves – no matter what is imposed on us. Do bad things happen to people? Yes they do, but there are those who can rise above and succeed regardless of the garbage being hurled at us. For the longest time, I collected the garbage because it was delivered in the guise of love, and I …

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15th Sunday – The New Delivery Service

(As is usually the case, this is my intended homily for the 15th Sunday; however, I usually go out on tangents and this may or may not be the final version. That version will be posted in our newest section – “Sermons” shortly after it is recorded.) Okay – everyone breathe a sigh of relief – today’s homily is a bit shorter than many of my previous homilies. But before we get to the meat and potatoes, I want to take a moment to thank all those out there who have continued to love and support the Pastoral Center through …

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